Quiz Questions.
Date : 8.JUNE 2001.
 1 _____________ carries its eggs under its body.     
 2 Shorea tree have a fruits that have a ___________    structures. 
 3 ____________ is the only non-metal that sonducts    electricity 
 4 Animals that eat plants only are called _________ .     
 5 The arrow in a food chain means " ____________ "    
 6 Complete electric circuits are called ______circuits     
 7 Flame of the forest fruits are dispersel by          
 8 ___________ does not apply the reflection of light.     
 9 ____________of electricity protect us from electric    shocks. 
10 _________a form because light travels ia a straight   line. 
11 Oil is insulator of _____________________. 
12 Name two an opaque object.     
13 State two objects that are insulators of electricity.     
14 ___________occurs when the surface of the iron is    exposed to air and water.